Simevents discrete-event system documentation does not include some of variable-input syntaxes

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I noticed that in this example, the WheelEntry method invokes an eventIterate action with just 2 inputs and works just fine, but the documentation page of eventIterate just mentions the syntax with 3 inputs. Is there a general rule for distinguishing the optional inputs of event action functions?

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Krishna Akella
Krishna Akella on 24 Jun 2019
Hi Kar,
Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there isn't an easy way to infer the optional arguments. However, the way I infer the optional arguments is to open the base class file 'DiscreteEventSystem.m' and look at the definitions there. So in this case I see the following:
function event = eventIterate(storageId, tag, varargin)
% Define an event to iterate entities of a storage
event = matlab.DiscreteEventSystem.newEvent();
event.type = 'iterate'; = storageId;
event.tag = tag;
nVarargs = length(varargin);
if nVarargs == 0
elseif nVarargs == 1
event.priority = varargin{1};
So it seems like storageId and tag are mandatory inputs, while priority is optional. I wish the documentation mentioned this.
Warm regards,

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