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Loading/Reading .log File

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Hey all --
I'm trying to rework some code from one type of experiment to another that uses .log files. The problem is that I can load up the .log file from the example data set no problem, but when I plug in my .log file, it only reads the first 5 rows and none of the columns. What should be a 247x13 matrix filled with behavior is just a 5x1. The lines I'm using look like this:
BehaviorDirectory=['D:\Timing Task\MG125\'];
%% Synchronize log file to electrophysiology
% This bit requires importing the information in the log (or csv) file,
% running to get the trial specifics from the log file, and putting
% everything into a matrix called 'MatrixBeh', which has a header variable,
% 'MatrixBehHeaders'. 'MatrixBeh is modeled off of the CSV files created
% for Psychtoolbox for MSIT or ECR, depending on the output. The variables
% below should be semi-self explanatory.
A = importdata([BehaviorDirectory,'\',logfilename]); %Import from the log file
The .log files are exactly the same layout, exactly the same column headers, exactly the same everything. I have tried using this but it didn't work for me because it didn't recognize the .log as a valid file type:
data = readtable('omar_timing_test_MG125_Block_1.log')
Any thoughts on why it works for one and not the other would be greatly appreciated!

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dpb on 30 May 2019
We'd have to see a sample of both files to be able to know...or at least the code that wrote yours versus that of the original.

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Accepted Answer

Alexandra Rowan O'Donnell
Alexandra Rowan O'Donnell on 31 May 2019
I ended up importing the log file as a table and then using table2cell to work around the problem.


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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 31 May 2019
Try this:
data = readtable('omar_timing_test_MG125_Block_1.log','FileType','text')


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