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how i can store array of string for every loop

Asked by RAVI
on 4 Jun 2019
Latest activity Edited by Stephen Cobeldick on 4 Jun 2019
suppose i have a file 'M1.csv','M2.csv','M3.csv','M4.csv', how can i store it in the array and call them on the basis of requirement.


suppose i make a vector A=[ 'M1.csv','M2.csv','M3.csv','M4.csv']
if i want to read the data from position 3 i.e M3.csv , how i fetch it from the vector
Use a cell array:
A = {'M1.csv','M2.csv','M3.csv','M4.csv'};
Note that [] are a concatenation operator, so this
[ 'M1.csv','M2.csv','M3.csv','M4.csv']
is simply equivalent to this:

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Answer by madhan ravi
on 4 Jun 2019
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Not helpful.... so is the question to the readers. If it doesn’t do what you want why is it hard for you to explain where it doesn't meet the requirements. Well good luck then, what’s so difficult in reading the link?? Where is the illustration of the code that you tried?? If you had taken the time to read the link and the purpose of a for loop this statement would have been avoided.
thank you

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