How to connect lines in a skeletonized image with arcs

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I'm trying to find a way to have MATLAB connect the lines of the tripods in the first image (i.e., vertex_tripods.bmp) with arcs so that it looks something like the second image (i.e., vertex_tripods_connected.bmp). I would also like to have MATLAB calculate the angles of the tripods in the first image (with respect to the vertical axis). Thanks in advance for your help!

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darova on 12 Jun 2019
Use bwmorph() to find branch points. I sorted them in counter clock-wise order:
Find distance and center between neighbor points:
Assume arc radius is 1000 pixels. Draw perpendicular vector (length L) from center of a segment - get arc center p0
Rotate radius vector using angle and rotation matrix to get points on arc
darova on 12 Jun 2019
are those connections can be just straight lines?

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Steve on 12 Jun 2019
It should look like the second attached image (vertex_tripods_connected.bmp). In theory, the connections cannot be straight lines, but they can be arcs with very large radii.

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