Trouble with Importing Data

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Jun Jun
Jun Jun on 17 Jun 2019
Commented: Jun Jun on 18 Jun 2019
Hi, I am having some problems with importing data into script
At first when I click the "Import data" at "Home" section. It pops up a seperate window that allows me to import data from "Notepad" to "Numeric Matrix" in Matlab. It works fine. But I accidently types "clear", not knowing that it would delete the data I imported.
When I try to import the data again, there is no seperate window pops up and no data is imported. I try to delete the Matlab script and the file I want to import. Open up a new script and redownload the file again and work through the same steps, but it would not open up the window and no data is imported.
I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this. I am new to Matlab so I try to learn as much as I can. Thank you!
If anything, do I have to reset Matlab in order for it to work?

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Mauro Fusco
Mauro Fusco on 17 Jun 2019
Maybe, it helps you to know that you can use the load function in your script directly, see:
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Jun Jun
Jun Jun on 18 Jun 2019
Thank you so much! It works

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