How to trim a text file with start and end line numbers

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Hello ,
I want to trim the data.txt file with the start and end line numbers,
for example,
start line number = 5
end line number =10
I want a new .txt file with the lines only between 5 and 10.
I have attached a model data.txt with this question. Can anyone help me ?
Jaffrey Hudson

Accepted Answer

Vismay Raj
Vismay Raj on 25 Jun 2019
read the file using
filetext = fileread('file.txt')
split the text on newline and store the array of lines in a new variable
newstr = splitlines(filetext)
use start:end in array to display required elements
s = 5
e = 10
newArr = newstr(s:e)
Jaffrey Hudson Immanuel Jeyakumar
Thank you.
I wrote like this,
fileID = fopen('exp.txt','w');
%fprintf(fileID,'%6s %12s\n','x','exp(x)');
Can you pease correct my script ?

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Pullak Barik
Pullak Barik on 25 Jun 2019
I use the code-generator from the import tool to only import the lines needed from the text file, and then copied the cropped content to a new file.
% Auto-generated by MATLAB
% Setup the Import Options
opts = delimitedTextImportOptions("NumVariables", 1);
start_line_no = 5; %Change this variable to specify the starting point
end_line_no = 10; %Change this variable to specify the ending point
% Specify range and delimiter
opts.DataLines = [start_line_no, end_line_no];
opts.Delimiter = "!";
% Specify column names and types
opts.VariableTypes = "string";
opts = setvaropts(opts, 1, "WhitespaceRule", "preserve");
opts = setvaropts(opts, 1, "EmptyFieldRule", "auto");
opts.ExtraColumnsRule = "ignore";
opts.EmptyLineRule = "read";
% Import the data
test = readtable("C:\Users\pullak\Documents\MATLAB\data.txt", opts);
%Change the path above to point to your data.txt
% Convert to output type
test = table2array(test);
% Clear temporary variables
clear opts
%% Auto-generated code ends here
path = 'crop_data.txt';
%This stores the cropped data in the directory of the code script file, change the path as per your will
fid = fopen(path, 'w');
fprintf(fid, '%s\n', test{:});




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