How to create the following cell array with the following pattern quickly

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I would like to create the following cell array quickly without explicitly stating the elements as I am doing now:
marker = {'s','o','d','p','x','+','*','>', ...
'o','d','p','x','+','*','>','s', ...
'd','p','x','+','*','>','s','o', ...
'p','x','+','*','>','s','o','d', ...
'x','+','*','>','s','o','d','p', ...
'+','*','>','s','o','d','p','x', ...
'*','>','s','o','d','p','x','+', ...
As you can see there is a pattern here, there are 8 unique marker types and each consecutive group of 8 markers is based on the first 8 markers...I am new to matlab and would like to know if there is any intrinsic function that I could use or some sort of looping algorithm to create this cell array. I ask because I may need a larger cell array down the road and I think this is inefficient.
[EDITED, Jan, format improved]
shah72206 on 30 Aug 2012
Thanks Jan...the way you formatted it is how I had formatted it on my code but couldn't get it to format it that way here

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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 30 Aug 2012
m = {'s' 'o' 'd' 'p' 'x' '+' '*' '>'};
idx = hankel(1:numel(m),[numel(m) 1:numel(m)-1]);
marker = m(idx(:)');
shah72206 on 30 Aug 2012
Excellent. Many thanks to Andrei and Oleg. I am going with the hankel solution since I do not understand the second one. I had not recognized that particular pattern in my cell array and even if I had, I would not have known about this hankel matrix (engineer!).
This was my first post on an online forum and I feel like I should've started using forums much earlier!

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