How to plot the graph for different values of parameters?

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parag gupta
parag gupta on 19 Jul 2019
Commented: Jerry121 on 10 Oct 2020
In my mathematical model I have one parameter "c" .I got the graphs of the equations for " c = 1" but now I want the graphs for c= 1 and c = 10 in one graph so that I see the effect of c in my model see what will happen if c is increased from 1 to 10.
Could someone pls tell me how to do that?
I have attached the code.

Answers (1)

Mario Chiappelli
Mario Chiappelli on 19 Jul 2019
This code worked for me in the past when comparing two graphs, essentially you need to use the hold command.
hold on
hold off
ylim([lowerLimit upperLimit]);
title('Your Title');
Hope this helps :)
Jerry121 on 10 Oct 2020
Having similar issue, Did you get the solution for this?

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