Labelling Curves on a Graph

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Tom on 24 Jul 2019
Answered: Mario Chiappelli on 24 Jul 2019
I have the following graph as shown below:
Rather than having a legend, I would like to have the curves labelled, so for exapmple in maths font you have 'Kn=0.0' floating somewhere below the blue curve, then a black line connects that to the curve, and so on for the others. I am aware that this type of thing can be done in image editing software but was wondering if there was some way of doing it directly with MATLAB so that it still looks professional?

Accepted Answer

Mario Chiappelli
Mario Chiappelli on 24 Jul 2019
The general method would be using the legend function, to which you give a vector of the plot object handles and a series of corresponding strings. For example,
figure; hold on
a1 = plot(x,y1);
M1 = "Curve 1";
a2 = plot(x,y2);
M2 = "Curve 2";
legend([a1,a2], [M1, M2]);

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