BNO055 Usage Problem | Serial Read Problem

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Bilal Ozcan
Bilal Ozcan on 4 Aug 2019
Answered: Bilal Ozcan on 11 Oct 2019
Hello friends,
I am trying to use Bosch BNO055 Sensor Block Diagram in Simulink. But I couldn't obtain any values.
I get this error every time and couldn't fix this error. I haven't got any problem with Arduino IDE. I can use this sensor in Arduino environment but not in Simulink.
-Hardware board: Arduino Mega ADK
-Code Generation system target file: ert.tlc (I tried to change it as realtime.tlc but the system didn't accept that. I was able to get MPU6050 values through realtime.tlc before)
COM port number: Manually be arranged. Serial port properties are normal.
The system in External Mode.
As second, I printed the sensor values to Serial Port by using Arduino. I thought that I can get Serial Port values via Simulink but I obtained nothing again :
I tried each one one by one but nothing.
My question is simply : How can I use BNO055 easily in Simulink?
How can I read Serial Port values easily? Why is reading Serial Port in Simulink complicated like that?
Thank you all so much !

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