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RL Toolbox: Proximal Policy Optimisation

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Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon on 8 Aug 2019
Commented: Weihao Yuan on 22 Aug 2020
I just wanted to ask if anyone is aware of a proximal policy optimisation (PPO) reinforement learning implimentation avaliable for MATLAB RL Toolbox. I know that you can create a custom agent class, but I wanted to see if anyone else has implimented it before?

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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
Hi Robert,
Reinforcement Learning Toolbox in R2019b has a PPO implementation for discrete action spaces. Future releases will include continuous action spaces as well.
I hope this helps.
Weihao Yuan
Weihao Yuan on 22 Aug 2020
Hi Emmanouil, I encountered a similar problem when applying PPO to the ACC model in DDPG example.
mdl = 'rlACCMdl';
agentblk = [mdl '/RL Agent'];
% create the observation info
observationInfo = rlNumericSpec([3 1],'LowerLimit',-inf*ones(3,1),'UpperLimit',inf*ones(3,1));
observationInfo.Name = 'observations';
observationInfo.Description = 'information on velocity error and ego velocity';
% action Info
actionInfo = rlNumericSpec([1 1],'LowerLimit',-3,'UpperLimit',2);
actionInfo.Name = 'acceleration';
% define environment
env = rlSimulinkEnv(mdl,agentblk,observationInfo,actionInfo);
predefinedWeightsandBiases = false;
if predefinedWeightsandBiases
criticNetwork = [imageInputLayer([numObs 1 1],'Normalization','none','Name','observation')
fullyConnectedLayer(200,'Name','CriticFC1', ...
'Weights',weights.criticFC1, ...
fullyConnectedLayer(100,'Name','CriticFC2', ...
'Weights',weights.criticFC2, ...
criticOptions = rlRepresentationOptions('LearnRate',1e-3,'GradientThreshold',1,'L2RegularizationFactor',1e-4);
critic = rlValueRepresentation(criticNetwork,observationInfo,...
% observation path layers (3 by 1 input and a 2 by 1 output)
actorNetwork = [ imageInputLayer([3 1 1], 'Normalization','none','Name','observation')
fullyConnectedLayer(2,'Name','infc') ];
% path layers for mean value (2 by 1 input and 2 by 1 output)
% using scalingLayer to scale the range
meanPath = [ tanhLayer('Name','tanh');
% path layers for variance (2 by 1 input and output)
% using softplus layer to make it non negative)
variancePath = softplusLayer('Name', 'Softplus');
% conctatenate two inputs (along dimension #3) to form a single (4 by 1) output layer
outLayer = concatenationLayer(3,2,'Name','gaussPars');
% add layers to network object
net = layerGraph(actorNetwork);
net = addLayers(net,meanPath);
net = addLayers(net,variancePath);
net = addLayers(net,outLayer);
% connect layers
net = connectLayers(net,'infc','tanh/in'); % connect output of inPath to meanPath input
net = connectLayers(net,'infc','Softplus/in'); % connect output of inPath to variancePath input
net = connectLayers(net,'ActorScaling','gaussPars/in1'); % connect output of meanPath to gaussPars input #1
net = connectLayers(net,'Softplus','gaussPars/in2'); % connect output of variancePath to gaussPars input #2
% plot network
However the agent stopped training at 50th episode:
Error using rl.env.AbstractEnv/simWithPolicy (line 70)
An error occurred while simulating "rlACCMdl" with the agent "agent".
Error in rl.task.SeriesTrainTask/runImpl (line 33)
[varargout{1},varargout{2}] = simWithPolicy(this.Env,this.Agent,simOpts);
Error in rl.task.Task/run (line 21)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = runImpl(this);
Error in rl.task.TaskSpec/internal_run (line 159)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = run(task);
Error in rl.task.TaskSpec/runDirect (line 163)
[this.Outputs{1:getNumOutputs(this)}] = internal_run(this);
Error in rl.task.TaskSpec/runScalarTask (line 187)
Error in rl.task.TaskSpec/run (line 69)
Error in rl.train.SeriesTrainer/run (line 24)
Error in rl.train.TrainingManager/train (line 291)
Error in rl.train.TrainingManager/run (line 160)
Error in rl.agent.AbstractAgent/train (line 54)
TrainingStatistics = run(trainMgr);
Caused by:
Error using rl.env.SimulinkEnvWithAgent>localHandleSimoutErrors (line 689)
Invalid input argument type or size such as observation, reward, isdone or loggedSignals.
Error using rl.env.SimulinkEnvWithAgent>localHandleSimoutErrors (line 689)
Standard deviation must be nonnegative. Ensure your representation always outputs nonnegative values for outputs that correspond to the standard deviation.
I tried to find the reason of this bug but failed. I would be really appreciated if you could check this bug for me. Thanks a lot.

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