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How to shorten space between space in command window

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Geon Jung
Geon Jung on 2 Sep 2019
Edited: Jan on 4 Sep 2019
dia_n = input('Write diameter number: ');
dia_min = input('write minimum diameter: ');
dia_max = input('Write maximum diameter: ');
dia = linspace(dia_min, dia_max, dia_n);
den_n = input('Write density number: ');
den_min = input('Write minimum density: ');
den_max = input('Write maximum density: ');
den = linspace(den_min, den_max, den_n);
nLV = input('Write water LV: ');
m = 0;
for a = 1:numel(dia)
fprintf('\nTank Diameter=%.1f meters\nrho/H \n', dia(a));
st_co = dia(a)/nLV;
LV = linspace(st_co, dia(a), nLV);
printLV = sprintf('%0.1f\t\t\t', LV);
fprintf('\t\t\t%s\n\n', printLV)
for b = 1:numel(den)
fprintf('\t%4d', den(b));
for c = 1:numel(LV)
r = dia(a) / 2;
h = LV(c);
v = (pi*h^2*(3*r - h)) / 3;
m(b, c) = den(b) * v;
fprintf('\t%2.0f', m(b, c));
How do I put 0.8 on 2nd column, 1.6 on 3rd, 2.4 on 4th and so on?
I am not sure where exactly I have to change in fprintf.


Rik on 2 Sep 2019
Please use the layout tools to make your code more readable. Also, did you try reducing the number of tabs? I'm on mobile so I can't test it for you, but that seems a reasonable place to start.
Geon Jung
Geon Jung on 2 Sep 2019
sorry it was like the first time asking a question here.
And deleting \t did the job. Thanks
Jan on 4 Sep 2019
@Geon Jung: I've formatted the code for you now.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 4 Sep 2019
Edited: Jan on 4 Sep 2019
Avoid the \t for formatting the output if you want to get nice ASCII tables. Prefer to define the width:
fprintf('%s%10d%10d%10d\n', blanks(6), 1:3)
doc fprintf


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