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aniruddh mali
aniruddh mali on 24 Sep 2012
I am trying to run following code on matlab 7.7.0 but it consumes too much time and No output !
for i=1:length(data);
if y1(i)>1.2
it also can not be run on matlab 6 though the developer said that it works on matlab 6.
Jan on 24 Sep 2012
Why do you claim that this piece of code does not run under Matlab 6?

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Answers (2)

Jan on 24 Sep 2012
Edited: Jan on 24 Sep 2012
It is not clear what your code should do. Creating "1:length(data)" in each iteration is a waste of time. In addition you overwrite the elements of f most likely.
Did you forget a "for" before "j=..."?
What do you want to achieve?

Javier on 24 Sep 2012
Hello Mali
What is the purpose of this code ??? Does the variable j change size in each iteration ? If not, do not define it. I believe that you define "j" to establish the size of f. Something that could work better:
j=size(data,1) % for column vector
If want to find the elements in y1 that are greater than 1.2
[r,c,i]=find(y1>1.2); Now you have the row, column and index value that match the search
Now you have the data, What you want to do with them ???
Hope it helps


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