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How to stop Matlab 2019a after opening a GUIDE?

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Alon Rozen
Alon Rozen on 25 Nov 2019
Answered: Alon Rozen on 28 Nov 2019
I just start using Matlab 2019a.
I opened an existing GUI by entering the command 'guide' and then selected my existing 'fig' file.
It opens OK but from that moment and on Matlab is keep doing something in the background and occupy one core for it.
I don't know what is being calculated. Nothing should be since I didn't start any calculation.
How do I stop this?


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Accepted Answer

Alon Rozen
Alon Rozen on 28 Nov 2019
Hi all,
It took sometime to crack this one but I found a solution:
When you open a GUI with the guide command on a newly instold Matlab 2019 (and maybe 2018 as well) it sugest to migrate this GUI into the new technology App Designer. Even if you don't agree to do that Matlab, apparently, start a conversion calculation in the background. This occupies one of the computer cores and it is quite annoyin. While this is going on, you will see a message panel from App Designer.
To prevent this just unbox the 'Show App Designer message panel' in the Matlab GUIDE Preference. And thats it: no message and no background calculation.


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