Simulation Data Inspector - hide box around selected plot

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I like to use the Simulation Data Inspector in Simulink to display simulation results. When I take a snapshot of the entire plot area with multiple plots, the selected plot always has a (quite prominent) blue box around it. It can be seen in the image on the SDI doc page around the top plot:
Is there a way to deselect a plot or hide the blue box, at least for snapshots?
Andres on 18 Sep 2020
Thanks for your reply, Charbel Obeid, this should work in a way. You could also remove the blue box by image processing, but I agree with Alberto that the SDI does not yet support (semi-) automated report generation well enough yet.

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SaiDileep Kola
SaiDileep Kola on 22 Jan 2020
As of now there is no way to achieve it, have escalated the issue to the concerned development team.

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