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App Designer runs when trying to edit.

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Russell Shomberg
Russell Shomberg on 6 Dec 2019
Commented: Russell Shomberg on 12 Feb 2020
I have experienced this issue before, and fixed it by saving my work and/or restarting MATLAB, but now the problem is not going away even after restarting my computer and it is making MATLAB unusable. I'm using MATLAB R2019b in Windows 10.
Whenever the AppDesigner window is in focus, it spawns a new version of the app I am building. If I close the window, or refocus the AppDesigner in any way (clicking back, alt-tab, taskbar), it immediately spawns a new app window. I can't do any work at all when MATLAB does this.
What causes this behaviour and how can I I prevent/stop it?
Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 9 Dec 2019
Does this happen all the time or only for particular workflows? Could you please share your code so that I can reproduce the problem at my end?
Russell Shomberg
Russell Shomberg on 12 Feb 2020
Sorry for not answering. The behavior seemed very random. Now I have noticed that it seems to happen when I highlight something from the "Code View" of the App Designer window. Usually while trying to copy and paste. However, it doesn't happen every time I highlight something.
I can get the behaviour to stop by repeatedly hitting the save icon and then closing all the newly opened windows.

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