How to run Raspberry Pi commands on Matlab without using openShell

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Hello everyone!
I will appracite if you could help me with this issue.
How could I run Raspberry Pi commands on Matlab and store the returned values on the Matlab workspace without using the openShell function?
To experiment, I tried the Raspberry Pi command "hostname" , but I got the following error:
I added "pi@raspberrypi:~ $" before the "hostname" command since this expression always appears on the SSH terminal on every command line.
Thank you for your help!
>> device = d = rosdevice('',username,password)
>> system(d,'pi@raspberrypi:~ $ hostname')
Error executing command
Error executing command "env LC_ALL=C bash -c 'pi@raspberrypi:~
$ hostname'". Details:
STDERR: bash: /home/pi: Is a directory

Accepted Answer

Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara on 18 Dec 2019
Hi Rogelio,
Just pass the actual linux command as an argument to system.
eg: >> system(d,'hostname')

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