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CAN I use matlab in two different computers

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i have two different computers,but i only have one individual license ,can i use matlab on both computers and how to do it


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the cyclist
the cyclist on 13 Dec 2019
Yes, you can use it on up to four computers, according to this page. (Click on "Learn More".)
You just need to download and activate on the other computer, just like on the first one.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Dec 2019
Yes for Standard ("commercial") licenses, except Designated Host licenses.
Yes for Academic licenses, including Total Academic Headcount toolboxes.
No for Student licenses according to the license terms, but Yes according to some things posted by Mathworks, but No in practice according to at least some posters, leaving it a big question mark not to be counted on.
No for Home licences.

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