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Quadcopter Flight Simulation Model: Changing the altitude with a knob

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Ainul Ashiqeen Binti Khairul Azri
Answered: Sunil Patidar on 29 Sep 2020
Hello all,
I am working on a project with Aerospace Blockset: Quadcopter Flight Simulation Model for Parrot Minidrones.
I am using the latest MATLAB release (R2019b) with a Students License.
Based on a YouTube video , I am now stuck at the last part: Integrating a knob to change the altitude and running the simulation in external mode. The person in the video was using an older release of MATLAB, so I believe that I had a difficulty in integrating the knob into the system because I'm using a newer version, which is quite different to what he showed in the video.
I also find it hard to run the program in External mode, because it appears that I cannot change from the Normal mode to the External mode.

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Sunil Patidar
Sunil Patidar on 29 Sep 2020
You can create and open a working copy of the Quadcopter project by using below mentioned command in MATLAB
>> asbQuadcopterStart
for more information about implementing it in R2019b release, refer to the following link:

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