Bug: Simulink 2019b crashes when accessing plot

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John on 7 Feb 2020
Commented: nivek88 on 17 Dec 2020
On OSX (latest version), Simulink 2019b repeatedly crashes when accessing a plotted scope output.
The model is basic: a step connected to a scope.
The plot duration is short at 10 ms.
The plot itself is plotted fine. But, any action (zooming, moving the graph inside the plot) crashes Matlab and Simulink immediately.
This occurs repeatedly, after multiple restarts and such.
Clearly this is a bug of some kind. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a workaround?
nivek88 on 17 Dec 2020
Update 3 of r2020b still doesn't show any progress to this :(
Using apps like Magnet or BetterTouchTool for window arrangement should be capable of working with Matlab.
I either have to disable any window managing tool or work with r2017b.
That's sad!

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Answers (2)

Nan Chen
Nan Chen on 14 Nov 2020
I think I have found the reason. That is when you are using some window arrangement tools like MagNet or BetterSnapTool, it will cause the simulink freezed when you access the scope plot. Once I quit the BetterSnapTool, the problem is not happened. It's really strange.
There is a way that you don't have to quit the BetterSnapTool. Just disable it for matlab, and the simulink will work well as well as other apps can using BetterSnapTool as before.
Environment: R2020b and Big Sur 11.01
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nivek88 on 17 Dec 2020
Especially for Matlab figures a window snapping tool is quite handy. Window managing on macOS has always been difficult and these apps are very useful for that. But yeah, you have to decide and make the cut for either of the options: no window snapping or r2017b.
So, why pay for newer software? Stick to r2017b!

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Madhur Tiwari
Madhur Tiwari on 5 May 2020
Try this link:
Also, I recommend turning off all types of window snapping apps. Even the ones that are not popular or mentiioned in the discussions. I was using Cinch app and removing it solved the plotting issue.


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