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Finding Rest of Row

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Hello! Matlab newbie here. So I have a bunch of data in rows/columns. If I have a variable assigned to something in a specific row in column 1, how do I find the values in the rest of the row in the rest of the columns (there's like five total)? I appreciate any help!


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Gifari Zulkarnaen
Gifari Zulkarnaen on 19 Feb 2020
Do you mean like vlookup in excel? Try this:
data = randi(1,4,5); % Just an example matrix
first = data(randi(4),1); % Example of desired number in first column
index = data(:,1) == first; % Find in which row is your desired number located
rest = data(index,2:end); % Get the rest of columns of that row

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Anjali Parmar
Anjali Parmar on 19 Feb 2020
Oh I see! Thank you!

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