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MATLAB Cody locked solutions to a solved problem

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O.Ib on 24 Feb 2020
I'm trying to view other solutions to a problem in the Cody Challenge group that I have solved, ones that are shorter than mine. I cannot make my solution any shorter, so I decided to solve another problem from the Cody Challenge to unlock them, since the following is dispalyed for the locked solutions:
This solution is locked. To view this solution, you need to provide a solution of the same size or smaller.
You may solve another problem from Cody Challenge group to unlock all the solutions to this problem.
I have solved three different problems from the Cody Challenge after that but I still cannot view the shorter solutions to this one problem. Am I misunderstanding something about how Cody works, or is this maybe some sort of bug? Thanks in advance.

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Muhtasim Haque Nahian
Muhtasim Haque Nahian on 9 May 2021
Yes, you cannot view the solutions which are shorter than your solution in size.
You can only view the solutions which are of same size or larger than your solution.
Hope you understood now!



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