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Simulink cache file won't open

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Dalton Dune
Dalton Dune on 27 Feb 2020
Commented: Maria Starikova on 14 Jun 2020
I have a file that Simulink saved as a cache file (.slxc). I don't recall saving it as such so first, why does it save to this format? Second, the file won't open anymore. The following error pops up:
Simulink cache for filename
This Simulink cache contains derived files for the following releases and platforms:
R2018b : all platforms
Variable usage information Yes
Is there a way to correct this or open the file? It's not opening in 2018b or 2019b


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Accepted Answer

stozaki on 27 Feb 2020
That is the correct behavior.
.slxc files are Simulink cache files. These files contain build artifacts that can speed up simulation and code generation.
When any changes are made to the model, only the edited files are built based on if the Rebuild configuration parameter is set accordingly.
release note :

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Maria Starikova
Maria Starikova on 14 Jun 2020
How can we actually open such files tho? I seem to be having some trouble

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