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I have a whole power system model build in simulink. But when I try to converge it, it does not converge. Help needed. Please message if you think you can help

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I have attached the network schematic layout diagram from that i have been provided and the simulink file where i have created the load and the load data from previous year. When i put the parameters and try to do load flow analysis i couldn't get the result. It throws an error saying load flow did not converge in so and so iteration.
Please help me.
Thank you
Arkadeep Deb


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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 6 Aug 2020
Hello Arkadeep,
I would recommend starting with a much smaller network and getting that to work with load flow before attempting this larger network. It doesn't look like you have specified many busses either. Please start with the documentation link and a smaller subset of your model. In my analysis of your model I didn't see any bus blocks added. I might have just missed them, since this model is quite large. I would recommend using them. It is possible you might have to simplify some of your model to get the load flow to converge, but again, debugging on this large of a model is not an efficient use of your time, and it would be easier with a smaller version which would make it simpler to target the issue.

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Arkadeep Deb
Arkadeep Deb on 9 Aug 2020
Yes thank you, that helped. I did start with smaller network and converged at every step. So it worked for me and also tweaking some parameters helped converge the whole network.

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