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How to remove NaN's from an array AND the corresponding value/element in another array of the same size?

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I have 2 arrays: A = [2 3 5 7 9] and B = [1 3 nan 1 nan]
I want to plot(A,B) but when i do that, i will just get data points and no line connecting each point bc there's NaN's between points
(i want lines between points bc i intend to show multiple data sets in this plot eventually)
so i want to remove the nan's in B and the corresponding elements in A (5 and 9)
to remove the nan's in B, i do:
y1 = B(~isnan(B));
so now, y1 = [1 3 1]
how do I make an x1 = [2 3 7]? so i can just plot (x1,y1)
I'm doing this many many times with a large set of data.

Accepted Answer

Alex Mcaulley
Alex Mcaulley on 12 Mar 2020
x1 = A(~isnan(B));
y1 = B(~isnan(B));

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