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LiB Battery (Table-Based) Dynamics impedance error

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Alfred Kulldorff
Alfred Kulldorff on 18 Mar 2020
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 6 Aug 2020
I have been trying to use diffrent allready made blocks to model a LiB but get the reverse effect or nothing when i either make my own RC net.
I sweep from 1mHz to 100Hz in 1000 sec.
Any help is much appriciated!
the model i have tried but failed below
The result of the impedance from own made ladder
what it is supposed to look like with the same parameters (Green)
Thatnks in advance!

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Alfred Kulldorff
Alfred Kulldorff on 20 Mar 2020
I tried with an earlier version (2018) and get same result. The voltage increaseswhen it shuld decrease over the impedance

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 6 Aug 2020
Hello Alfred,
it looks like the plot you are showing from simulink, is a standard scope plot, which means that it is a time based plot and not a frequency response. To get the frequency response (such as a bode plot) you will need the simulink control design toolbox. With that, you can set up your inputs and outputs to measure frequency response (including impedance).
Alternatively, you will need to do manually implement a FFT on the sweep that you applied.


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