How can I remove extra edges detected in the image?

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I am having an image where I need to find the edge and I am using 'canny' method for it. But as you can see in the attached image, there are some dots scattered outside the domain of interesrt. The area covered by the region will be varying with each image. Therefore I need to remove such dots. The images will have different intensities due to different exposure time while clicking it.
I have to asses such more than 1000 images. Varying the detection thresholds manually is not possible.
How can I remove these unwanted dots(detected edges) without changing the code for each image or without seeing the image at each iteration?

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Michal on 18 May 2022
often this kind of problem can be solved with preprocessing the image; for example, is filtering the image before edge detection helpful? If these dots come from outside of the domain of interest, maybe these regions are characterized by different properties you can use to eliminate these edges from the image before running edge detection. Please post an image before edge detection too, so the challenge can be clearer.
Also, edge with "canny" method comes with options, maybe altering them can prove useful.
Do you need all the small edges within the domain of interest, or would merging them be helpful / or at least won't interfere?

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