How to create a clickable timeline using app designer, with play/pause button?

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I am creating an app with app designer in 2019b. What I am trying to do is to creating a clickable timeline, where you can use to make the plot of data at that particular time instance visible.
I'm quite new to app designer and have tried to use slider but had no luck so far. Anyone can help me on what object to choose?

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Qinyu Zhong
Qinyu Zhong on 8 Apr 2020
Actually I've solved this myself, in case anyone else is interested:
Use slider as an interactive timeline. Set the value of the slider equal to the current time of the plot, then as the plot starts, it will update the slider value.

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Birdman on 27 Mar 2020
If I understood it correctly, you want to dynamically change the time limits of an axes property. The attached app may be a starting point for you. Try to understand the basic code behind it and let me know if it works.
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Qinyu Zhong
Qinyu Zhong on 28 Mar 2020
Edited: Qinyu Zhong on 28 Mar 2020
Hi! Thank you for posting
Yes what you posted has given me some inspiration, thank you again. What I'm trying to achieve is to display data that's recorded for a period of time. Therefore apart from changing dynamincally the time limits according to the input, I also need a plot (or anything else) that can act like an interactive progress bar, where you could click on a specific time and the data at that time will be shown. And it will keep displaying the data after that time instance when you hit start/pause button.
I've tried ginput and datacursormode, and realised app designer doesn't support those interaction with a plot.

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