How to obtain the magnetization currents of a transformer in Simulink ?

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Pierre on 25 Oct 2012
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
Hello everybody !
I'm studying the magnetization of transformers. For this, I use the "Three-Phase Transformer (Two Windings)" block with parameters that seem correct. I select "Imag" in the parameters block and I check the results in a "Scope". Unfortunately, I don't obtain the expected signals and I don't understand why.
Somebody can help me ?

Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
If you are specifically looking for magentization, a simple transformer block will not capture the dynamics to the level of detail that you are looking for. You will need to use a higher fidelity transformer model.

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