What is the most efficient way to use MATLAB in Power Systems and proper control over it?

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Efficient way, either code or simulink if anyone have details and/or valuable information about it then it will be my pleasure to get.

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PIRC on 31 Oct 2016
matlab simulink is most effective way for power system

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Oct 2012
In order to tell you the most efficient way, we will need to know whether you are using a mouse or a track-pad, and their sizes and position relative to your keyboard; we will also need to know your keyboard layout, and will need to know your operating system and to know whether there are certain key combinations that you need to preserve for use with other programs or facilities. We will also need to know your MATLAB version. Oh, and your arm length, your fore-arm length, and whether you have standard range and efficient of motions or are restricted in your motion. Also, we need to know the extent to which Repetitive Strain Injury movements need to be avoided. We will need to know these things in order to be able to calculate the minimum-energy patterns for your interaction with MATLAB / Simulink.
We will, for simplicity, assume that you are able to remember 64 things simultaneously, and that you are able to plan 32 steps ahead, instantly. We will also assume that you never make a mistake in entering information, and that you never need to debug what you have created, as making mistakes or having to debug is not efficient.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Oct 2012
You asked for the most efficient way, not for good ways. Efficiency is measured by time, which depends upon user interaction, which in turn depends upon physical and medical factors. If the most efficient way involved hooking up a harp to a midi input and use playing the harp to input the commands, then you have bound us to describe to you that method because the standard methods might only be 99.999996% as efficient rather than the most efficient.

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