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Extract Text from Model Info Block

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Arshad Basha
Arshad Basha on 2 May 2020
Commented: Arshad Basha on 5 May 2020
I have a simulink model which uses 'Model Info' blocks. I want to search for 'Model Info' blocks in my model and extract the text mentioned in the 'model info' block programmatically.
Can someone please help how to do that?
Thank you,
Arshad S.


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Answers (1)

Gautam on 2 May 2020
You can use get_param to query info populated in 'Model Info' block in your model. For instance, if the name of the model is 'sample', then the command
>> get_param('sample','Created')
will return the date and time when the model was created. You may have to write a small for loop and get_param within it, to get all the info populated in the Model Info block



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