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Can anybody suggest how to learn about embedded coder? Its User guide is 3000 + pages which seems to be time consuming.. Where to start from and how to learn in depth.

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creative on 4 May 2020
Answered: Jonas on 30 Oct 2020
Also is there any prerequisite skills and basics in order to work on embedded coder?
Thank you.

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Arpit Bhatia
Arpit Bhatia on 30 Oct 2020
To learn Embedded Code, you can first have a look at the the “Getting Started Guide” which is only 70 pages and will help you understand the basics and requirements of the product.
You can also look at the short video tutorials available at the product page to get a brief overview.
To get an in-depth understanding, you can later look at specific sections of the user guide based on your needs. There is no need to sequentially read the complete 3000 pages to learn the product well.

Jonas on 30 Oct 2020
For most products there are dedicated trainings available. Nowadays they are all online.
I have attended this one when it was classroom-led and it was really good. You also get course materials which are a good summary of the functionalities.

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