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Need help on returning user defined function to app designer.

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Sami Ahmet
Sami Ahmet on 5 May 2020
Answered: Ashish Azad on 23 Jun 2020
Hey, I need help with designing a GUI. It is designed to convert units. I was wondering how I would link my function which converts units into the app designer function so that when I enter a number in an edit field and select a conversion type, eg celsius to fahrenheit, it would display the converted unit in the GUI.

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 5 May 2020
The method to call the function is same.
You need to call an external function from inside the GUI code (example inside the edit callback). It will then return you the output.
You need to write code in your GUI to display this output in the desired UI element by setting its properties.

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Ashish Azad
Ashish Azad on 23 Jun 2020
Just add a button for conversion and a text area(Edit Field) to display converted unit,
Now in the callback function of button, you can write the contents of your function inside it or call your own function from it and then assign output to the text area field of converted unit, something like this: app.EditAreaConvertUnit.Value=output;
Let me know if this helped.


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