Array indices must be positive integers or logical values MATLAB error

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Why do I keep getting an error "Array indices must be positive integers or logical values"?
m1=100; m2=50; k1=7410; k2=8230; b1=1430; b2=153;
A=[0 1 0 0;
-(k1+k2)/m1 -(b1+b2)/m1 k2/m1 b2/m1;
0 0 0 1;
k2/m2 b2/m2 -k2/m2 -b2/m2];
B=[0 0;
k1/m1 b1/m1
0 0;
0 0];
C=[1 0 0 0;
0 0 1 0;
k1/m1 b1/m1 0 0;
-k2/m2 -b2/m2 k2/m2 b2/m2];
D=[0 0;
0 0
k1/m1 b1/m1
0 0];
z0=h0*sin(w*t).*(0<=t & t<t0)
z0dot=h0*w*cos(w*t).*(0<=t & t<t0);

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Toder on 10 May 2020
z0(t) is causing the error. t is a vector of decimals, and you cannot use a decimal as an index. Indices must be positive integers, or logical values, as the error mentions.
Lucas Larese De Santo
Lucas Larese De Santo on 10 May 2020
Ok thank you. So what I could thereotically do is for my input for the lsim use [z0;z0dot] then? You also mention z0 should be a 401 x 2, why is that instead of a 2 x 401?

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