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Linear Function Input in SimuLink

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Shay on 24 May 2020
Commented: Shay on 24 May 2020
We usually supply a step function or square pulse train input into our SimuLink models for a system. Does anyone know how to supply a linear function input such as y=2*x+c over a specific range say t= 0:10 into our system models in Simulink?


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Accepted Answer

rubindan on 24 May 2020
There are som many ways to do that. To name a few, you can use a
  • From Worksapce block to input whatever input you want as a function of time
  • Clock block and basic math operations
  • Signal Builder block to graphically design your input

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Shay on 24 May 2020
Thank you for the reply, was unsure on this topic.

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