How to change regularization parameter in SVM GUI?

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I m training my data on SVM app. But everytime its giving almost 100% clasification accuracy. May be overfitting is the reason behind. I want to know how to change the hyperparameters in this app?

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Shivam Kumar Singh
Shivam Kumar Singh on 15 Jun 2020
By my understanding you want to train a SVM for classification with regularization. fitclinear command creates a linear classification model object that contains the results of fitting a binary support vector machine to the predictors X and class labels Y. And it allows to set regularization parameter.
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krishna Chauhan
krishna Chauhan on 15 Jun 2020
thanks But I am asking about Nonlinear data,Like speech classes. and specifically is there any tab in SVM app in MATLAB coz I am using That.
I tried exploring all advance setting options there.

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