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How to use wiener filter?

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Im really new with matlab and image processing, so i follow some journal how to do wiener filter and im using this code to blur the image:
LEN1 = 15; % Panjang blur (satuan: pixel)
THETA1 = 15; % sudut blur (satuan: derajat)
PSF1 = fspecial('motion', LEN1, THETA1);
Blurred1 = imfilter(I, PSF1, 'conv', 'circular');
and this is the code to do the wiener filter:
wnr1 = deconvwnr(Blurred1, PSF1);
But, the result is different from the journal that i saw, this is the blured version:
and this is fixed version, after the wiener filter code:
Is this the correct result?i think im doing it wrong, i dont this is the correct result
If im doing it wrong, what should i add or change?
Thank you


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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 12 Jun 2020
If you read the help for deconwnr you see that there is a third input, NSR, for the image Noise-to-Signal-Ratio. Since the Wiener-deconvolution is a high-frequency-amplifying operation. If you look at the code in deconvwnr you will see how the deconvolution is done in the Fourier-domain:
% Compute the Wiener restoration filter:
% H*(k,l)
% G(k,l) = ------------------------------
% |H(k,l)|^2 + S_u(k,l)/S_x(k,l)
% where S_u is the signal power spectrum and S_x is the noise power
% spectrum.
% To minimize issues associated with divisions, the equation form actually
% implemented here is this:
% H*(k,l) S_x(k,l)
% G(k,l) = ------------------------------
% |H(k,l)|^2 S_x(k,l) + S_u(k,l)
Where H is the Fourier-transform of your PSF and S_u and S_xis the noise-power and image-power respectively (that get handled resp estimated by deconvwnr). If you dont send in a noise-level it seems deconvwnr assumes that power to be zero, which leads to noise-amplification (H^*/|H|^2 will grow towards infinity where |H| goes to zero - which it will do for high frequencies). Since you're working with finite precision this will manifest as amplification of the highest frequencies - where discretisation-noise will be amplified. Try to send in some noise-levels to deconvwnr to see how that reduces this effect.


Ibrahim Musa Adi
Ibrahim Musa Adi on 12 Jun 2020
It works! i add one more parameter to the deconvwnr it so much better!
Thank you so much!
Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 12 Jun 2020
My pleasure.

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