bus input into Matlab function simulink block

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Hello everyone,
I want to use a bus signal as input for a matlab function simulink block. I created a simple example, here we go:
the matlab function looks like:
the error message looks as:
I'm sure there is an easy way to solve it, what is the problem and how to overcome it??
many thanks and best greetings,

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Kshitij Chhabra
Kshitij Chhabra on 19 Jun 2020
Hi Stefan,
From my understanding of the question you are stuck because you want to access the signals from a Simulink Bus but weren’t able to do so. The possible source of error is because you didn’t create a Bus object in the base workspace.
You can try running this script to make a bus object after modifying it according to your needs:
% Change Bus1 to whatever name you want to give
Bus1 = Simulink.Bus;
Bus1.Description = '';
Bus1.DataScope = 'Auto';
Bus1.HeaderFile = '';
Bus1.Alignment = -1;
% Signal 1
saveVarsTmp{1} = Simulink.BusElement;
% Name of Signal 1
saveVarsTmp{1}.Name = 'x1';
saveVarsTmp{1}.Complexity = 'real';
saveVarsTmp{1}.Dimensions = [1 1];
% Data Type
saveVarsTmp{1}.DataType = 'uint32';
saveVarsTmp{1}.Min = [];
saveVarsTmp{1}.Max = [];
saveVarsTmp{1}.DimensionsMode = 'Fixed';
saveVarsTmp{1}.SamplingMode = 'Sample based';
saveVarsTmp{1}.SampleTime = -1;
saveVarsTmp{1}.DocUnits = '';
saveVarsTmp{1}.Description = '';
%Signal 2
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1) = Simulink.BusElement;
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).Name = 'x2';
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).Complexity = 'real';
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).Dimensions = [1 1];
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).DataType = 'uint32';
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).Min = [];
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).Max = [];
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).DimensionsMode = 'Fixed';
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).SamplingMode = 'Sample based';
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).SampleTime = -1;
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).DocUnits = '';
saveVarsTmp{1}(2, 1).Description = '';
Bus1.Elements = saveVarsTmp{1};
clear saveVarsTmp;
After this assign the Bus1 data type to Output Data Type of the created bus.
Stefan Haarhoff
Stefan Haarhoff on 23 Jun 2020
Thank you Kshitij, appreciated your answers! ... and very helpful!

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