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Can LoggedSignal in provided Link contain more than just the state?

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In this link, LoggedSignals is used as the State. However lets say I wanted LoggedSignals to contain three matrices or three vectors, one of them being the actual state. Could I contain those three matrices in LoggedSignal and then just let observation have the actual next state. Additionally if that is allowed, how would I define my observation info, would I use rlFiniteSetSpec or rlNumericSpec (My offical state would just be a binary vector of size N but I want to have two other matrices, x and y lets say, so that I can utlilze them in myStepFunction.m)


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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
LoggedSignals is not tied to the state or the observations, so you should be able to store whatever makes sense to you in that variable without changing the definition of your observation space. In fact, if you run
to get a template for a custom MATLAB environemt, you see that LoggedSignals is set to be empty.


Huzaifah Shamim
Huzaifah Shamim on 13 Jul 2020
Oh ok so in the link I provided, is whatever I put for the variable
considered to be the state/observation. And that is what I would set up for ObsInfo?
Magnify on 16 Jul 2020
I had a problem and posted it on the community, but no one has given any tip to me for 3 days, therefore someone such as mathworks staff is expected to pay attention to this comment for helping crack it.
The error pops up at times when I train DDPG Agent to control over a car in the simulator Prescan by using Deep-Learning, Reinforcemnt-Learning toolkit and simulink
Episode: 31/ 50 | Episode Reward : 34.55 | Episode Steps: 39 | Avg Reward : 23.60 | Step Count : 6094 | Episode Q0 : -4.89
[DataProvider] ERR: SetErrorState, message: Initializing pimp-controller failed: Error binding to tcp://*: no free port in range 9620-9620
[ControllerIO] ERR: Initializing pimp-controller failed: Error binding to tcp://*: no free port in range 9620-9620
I was reminded that the error isn't caused by Prescan, so I tried to find out the relevant port in simulink but failed as a result from unable to search for a proper way to find it

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