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Incorporate Time into Reinforcement Learning Environment

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I am creating my own custom environemnt on MATLAB using the rlFunctionEnv function. I wanted to know whether I could somehow incorporate time into my envirnment when training it using a DQN as my environment needs to know the time at each time step. Is there a way to do this?


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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
Edited: Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis on 13 Jul 2020
Time would be another parameter of your environment. Interactions between the agent and environment happen at discrete time steps, so you can create a variable and increase it by an amount equal to your agent's sample time. If you step function also includes numerical integration you could use the integration times as well.

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Huzaifah Shamim
Huzaifah Shamim on 13 Jul 2020
Oh ok that makes sense! Thank You!
Can you please take a look at this questions that I had:

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