I can't use "structuralProperties" in PDE toolbox

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Hi, I'm using MATLAB R2020a with PDE toolbox version 3.4 and my licenses are activated.
I wrote some short codes:
thePde = createpde();
model = importGeometry(thePde,'filename.stl');
this is all(6 lines), I tried to
  1. import my 3D object CAD file "filename.stl" and graphically show it
  2. before doing finite element analysis, I tried to assign structural properties, boundary conditions.
The first one(importing&visuallizing) had no problem. But I have a trouble for second one, line 4~6 in codes:
Unrecognized function or variable 'structuralProperties'.
this is the error message I received after running. Also same errors for 'structuralBC' and 'structuralBoundaryLoad'. Now I am guessing that there is a problem in calling function, but I am not sure. What could be the problem?
Thanks for your advice.
JeongHyun Kim
JeongHyun Kim on 23 Jul 2020
Actually, I already tried 'rehash toolboxcache' but it didn't worked.
I'll try manually adding the source code path. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it

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Accepted Answer

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 23 Jul 2020
Change the line:
thePde = createpde();
thePde = createpde('structural');
By default, createpde returns a model that has to deal with general equations-based interface. For structural analysis you need to specify the first argument as 'structural', this will create a structural analysis model for static analysis. If you want to do other types of structural analysis, then you need to pass a second argument that specifies analysis type. Check the options in createpde documentation page.
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JeongHyun Kim
JeongHyun Kim on 23 Jul 2020
Thanks a lot. Today, I additionally recognized the problem. I changed line 1 to
thePde = createpde('structural','static-solid');
as you adviced,
and I also found my mistakes of using wrong variable for structural~ functions.
It had to be
and now everything is okay.
Again, thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.

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