Is there a way of externally defining the initial output of a Variable Transport Delay?

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On the simulink block Variable Time/Transport Delay there is a parameter called "Initial Output". But unlikely the integrator, for example, there is not an option to externally define this parameter.
Is there a way of doing that? Or maybe a way to create a variable transport delay block from other blocks and then define this parameter as I need?

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maiaL on 28 Jul 2020
Not sure if I understood the question clearly, but you could simply define a ini_output value in the base workspace:
ini_output = 2
and simply write ini_output at the Initial output field of the block.
maiaL on 28 Jul 2020
Oh ok, got it. Maybe you could play with a MATLAB function block with something like:
set_param('modelName/Transport Delay','InitialOutput','0');
where 0 would be parameterized as the input of the MATLAB function? Not sure how that would play out during runtime though.

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