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Peltierdevice in simscape no tempdelta

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Sebastian Glas
Sebastian Glas on 28 Jul 2020
Commented: Sebastian Glas on 19 Aug 2020
Dear Members,
i want to create a thermalcircuit with an peltierdevice in cooling mode. On the positive port of the device i have connected the current source (+) and on the negative the reference (-). Unfortunately after i insert the parameters to the tec-device and run the circuit, i can't meassure an temperature difference between the Port A and Port B but i can meassure the heatflow and i think thats the right one. I have insert an thermal mass and a conductive condition.
To isolate the problem, i have tried to meassure the temperature difference on the given example (documetation model) from matlab, but with no success.
I would be very grateful for any assistance


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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 4 Aug 2020
Hello Sebastian,
measuring temperature in simscape unfortunately requires an extra step to get it to work. Here is how a temperature sensor can be connected to the shipping example, but there is one more step so please keep reading after the picture:
The PS -> Simulink converter, needs to have it's settings modified to correctly report temperature. Please double on this device and select 'apply afine conversion' to the block. You could also specify the specific units you want the temperature in at this poin.

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Sebastian Glas
Sebastian Glas on 19 Aug 2020
Hey joel,
thanks for your great work, now it works
Have a nice day.

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