How to plot something like this?

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BN on 30 Jul 2020
Commented: BN on 31 Jul 2020
Hello everyone,
Assume that I have this 3 datasets (A, B, C) and I want to have a plot like this (please kindly ignore the white space in the southwest of it because I want a full polar plot)
So I tried to make it using this script:
clear; clf; close; clc;
A = [19,6,13,4,20,12,5,17,3,8,16,9,1,10,2,18,15];
B = [11,13,12,8,19,14,18,20,7,1,6,15,4,10,17,16,3];
C = [2,7,11,17,3,16,14,5,19,10,12,20,1,4,6,13,8];
ax = polaraxes();
hold on
hold on
theta = linspace(0,2*pi,18); % 17 equally spaced angles (18 points)
ax.ThetaDir = 'clockwise'; %make january first
ax.ThetaZeroLocation = 'top'; %make january first
monthNames = {'Jan.' 'Feb.' 'Mar.' 'Apr.' 'May' 'Jun.' 'Jul.' 'Aug.' 'Sep.'...
'Oct.' 'Nov.' 'Dec.' 'Winter' 'Spring' 'Summer' 'Autumn' 'Annual'};
set(ax, 'ThetaAxisUnits', 'radians', 'ThetaTick', theta(1:end-1),...
'ThetaTickLabel', monthNames);
Also, I can see the amount that presented in the r-axis not present the amount of my data; for instance, in Annual (17th in C) the value of C In my data is 8 but in the figure, it seems to is 2. So I want to ask you please guide me on how to have a plot like this?
Also, the amount of January does not show directly in front of it, but it shows between January and February and I don't know how to fix it.
An extra description is the value of each data set A, B, and C represents the data for January to December and Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Also annual value (12 months + 4 seasons + 1 annual = 17).
In case if they are overlapped it's no matter what color showing in the plot just one of them is good.
Thank you so much...
BN on 31 Jul 2020
Really Thank You

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