Finding Commented blocks programmatically

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Though find_system can include the commented blocks along with other blocks, is there any way in find_system or get_param to find only the blocks that were commented? (Both Commented-out or commented-through)
cmtd = find_system(model,'FollowLinks','on','LookUnderMasks','all','IncludeCommented','on')
I was trying to delete the commented blocks in a model.

Accepted Answer

maiaL on 5 Aug 2020
what about adding 'Commented','on' and 'Commented','through' to the find_system() arguments?
maiaL on 6 Aug 2020
I'm not aware that's possible. Perhaps you could run a find_system for each, and then use union(cmtd1,cmtd2) to get a single cell.

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