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Creating a new object from existing object but after excluding one specific property.

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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta on 11 Aug 2020
Edited: Walter Roberson on 12 Aug 2020
Hi All,
I want to copy an object from exsiting object but don't want to copy all the properties, more specifically one perticular property.
Problem i am facing is that i don't know all the perperties exisiting in the object from which i am copying. But if there is this one property in this object, i want to exclude it and copy rest of the object to the new object. For example i have obj1:
function obj1 = obj1
obj1.A = 10;
obj1.B = 20;
obj1.C = 30;
And now i copy this object to a new obj:
x = obj1
y = obj2(x)
function obj2 = obj2(x)
obj2 = x(x.*!=x.C)
In second part of code, line number 5 has syntax error on purpose to represent what i want. I


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Accepted Answer

J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 11 Aug 2020
If you actually mean structures, as your example suggests, are you aware of "isfield", which will check if a structure contains a particular field name?
If you actually mean objects/classes, then there is "isprop" to check if a particular property exists.


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Aug 2020
If you are working with class objects then removing any static property requires creating a new class. For class objects removing a property only makes sense for dynamic properties.

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