How to retrieve a subblock name at initalization.

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Dear community, I want to create a subblock which returns the name of the subblock as a String. (The subblock name shall be used as a key to retrieved a value from a database and I want to make the access of the database visible in simulink).
Currently I use a masked subblock with a 'Parameters' variable 'MyName'. The subblock contains a constant, which returns the value of a variable 'MyName'. The variable 'MyName' shall be initialized with the name of the subblock it belongs to.
A code like MyName = get_param(gcb,'Name'); does not work in the Initialization box for the dialog variable 'MyName'.
Since the subblock name is static I guess Simulink provides something like 'this.Name', which is available at initialization time. Is this kind of function available?
Can anyone help?

Accepted Answer

TAB on 4 Jan 2013
Hope the parameter with same name as block name is present in the base workspace whose value will be assigned to mask variable MyName in the Mask Initialization.
In mask initialization pane, write,
MyName = evalin('base',get_param(gcb,'Name'));
Thomas on 4 Jan 2013
The shortest solution is:
MyName=cast(char(get_param(gcb,'Name')), 'uint8');

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Doug Eastman
Doug Eastman on 4 Jan 2013
Another simpler option might be to just use a constant block with the value:
You could then hide the block name and expand the block so that value text is visible.

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