Get expected DataType for Inherit:auto port

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I am trying to find out if there is a way programatically to check which is the expected data type of a port which is normally defined as Inherit:auto. The only parameter which lists the data type I know of is "OutDataTypeStr" which in such cases only says "Inherit:auto". Is there a programatic way to apply the inheritance rules and check what is the expected type for this port?

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stozaki on 20 Aug 2020
Hello Iliya,
Simulink blocks output data type are determined when you compile your model.
To get the data type property at that time, pose the model with the model compiled and get the property. After getting the property, terminate the model compilation.
I have attached a sample program, so please refer to it.
Iliya Valchev
Iliya Valchev on 20 Aug 2020
Oops, my bad :) Works like a charm. Thanks!

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