Import Keras Tensorflow Model into Simulink

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I've got a trained model from Python, which I need to run on Simulink for my application.
Is it possible to import trained Tensorflow Keras models and implement them in Simulink?

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sruthi gundeti
sruthi gundeti on 12 Sep 2020
You can import your keras network using
net = importKerasNetwork(modelfile)
net = importKerasNetwork(modelfile,Name,Value)
model file can .h5 format ot json format with weights
Then write a entry level function for the imported network
function out = resnetFun(in)
persistent mynet;
if isempty(mynet)
mynet = coder.loadDeepLearningNetwork('resnet50', 'myresnet');
out = predict(mynet,in);
You can integrate MATLAB function into your Simulink model using the MATLAB Function Block.
You can execute your MATLAB code from within the model to read the input data from your sensor and then pass this data into your Simulink block.
Refer to this example on how to use a MATLAB function block in your model.
sruthi gundeti
sruthi gundeti on 7 Jun 2021
This can import a regression network

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Fernando Liozzi
Fernando Liozzi on 5 Jun 2021
Is it possible to use this method to generate code for a microcontroller in c / c ++? Thank you.
Jie Li
Jie Li on 13 Oct 2021
Hi, Fernando, Could you post how you put it in the simulink? My code says the importKerasNetwork cannot be used when complie.Thanks

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