How would one proceed to plot this?

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Frederick Melanson
Frederick Melanson on 22 Sep 2020
Commented: Dana on 22 Sep 2020
I would like to plot this:
y[n]=3/40*(-3/4)^n*u[n]+1/20*(1/2)^n*u[n] for -2<=n<=100
im not sure how to proceed with the u[n] function and the for loop
Thank you!

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Dana on 22 Sep 2020
What is u supposed to be? Some kind of vector you've previously defined? If so, and assuming u is a column vector whose j-th element corresponds to n=j-3 (e.g., the first element of u corresponds to n=1-3=-2, etc.):
nvc = (-2:100).';
y = 3/40*(-3/4).^n.*u + 1/20*(1/2).^n.*u;
Dana on 22 Sep 2020
I see, so you haven't actually defined u in your program anywhere, but in principle it's the Heaviside function, yes?
In that case, as I now understand it, you don't want to plot the value of y only for integer values of n (which is what I previously understood). In that case, you need to pick a "resolution" (i.e., the interval between successive values of n that you'll plot). Then:
res = 0.01; % resolution parameter
n = (-2:res:100).'; % vector of values of n from -2 to 100 spaced res apart
u = (n>=0); % Heaviside function; vector with 0 (false) if corresponding
% element of n is <0, 1 (true) if >0.
y = 3/40*(-3/4).^n.*u + 1/20*(1/2).^n.*u;
In terms of the plot, this will plot things continuously. If instead you want to see the discontinuity at n=0, you can instead plot n<0 and n>=0 ranges separately:
hold on

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